Late or Missed Payments

We know the payor may never fall behind in his or her maintenance payments but if this happens there are consequences under BC law. FMEP can:

If the payor does fall behind, here are some options:

Voluntary Payment Arrangement

A voluntary payment arrangement is a plan developed between the payor and FMEP where the payor agrees to pay the arrears in addition to making ongoing maintenance payments.

To set up a voluntary payment arrangement, the payor needs to:

  1. Complete an Income & Expense Form with a Payment Proposal Form (PDF, 258 KB)
  2. Attach supporting financial documents.
  3. Mail or fax the forms to the FMEP client office.

The Enforcement Officer assigned to the case will review the payor’s payment proposal and let the payor know if it’s acceptable.

Changing a Court Order

There are a number of resources in BC to help with changing a maintenance order or agreement. Find out more

Enforcement Actions

Federal and provincial laws allow us to take a number of actions if payments are not made.

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