Children Over 19

Collecting child support for children over 19

Child support will be collected at least until the child reaches the age of majority, unless there is an end date in the maintenance order or agreement.

Support can continue to be due after the age of majority if the child remains dependent.

A child might be dependent if he or she:

  • continues to attend school or university,
  • continues to live at home,
  • has a medical condition or disability, and/or
  • is unable to find work or become self-supporting.

Knowing if a child is dependent

Just before a child reaches the age of majority, the recipient must provide us with information about the child’s circumstances.

FMEP will use this information to decide whether child support will continue to be collected.

If child support continues, we will contact the recipient regularly to check whether the child’s circumstances have changed. The payor will be told whether FMEP will continue to collect.

If parents disagree with the decision they may ask the court to decide whether child support should continue.

See fact sheets:

Disagree with a decision made by FMEP?

Either parent can seek legal advice or consider changing the maintenance order or agreement. Find out more about changing a court order.