How much is owing

The recipient and payor receive Notices of Enrolment when first enrolled in FMEP. These Notices set out the amount the payor is to pay according to the maintenance order or agreement, including any arrears of unpaid maintenance.

Anytime while enrolled in FMEP, the recipient or payor can sign into the website or call InfoLine to get up-to-date payment information.

How FMEP handles payments

All payments go through our payment processing office in Victoria.

The payor should send payments to FMEP through online banking. We will send those payments on to the recipient by direct deposit. See all payment options.

Payments may be held for a few reasons:

  • The payor sends us a cheque that we hold for 7 – 10 business days to clear before we can send a direct deposit payment to the recipient.
  • There is a credit balance so funds are held and released as the ongoing maintenance becomes due.
  • The funds being held are security for future maintenance payments and we release a portion of that money as the ongoing maintenance payments become due.
  • The payor is disputing our enforcement action and we are ordered by the court to hold the funds.

More than one recipient

If the payor has more than one recipient enrolled in FMEP we do not give preference or special treatment to one maintenance order over the other. Where payments are not made voluntarily and if enforcement action is necessary, any money collected will be split between the recipients.

Direct Payments

The recipient doesn’t have to accept payments directly from the payor, but if it happens we need to know right away. The recipient must report any direct payments to FMEP, as it is important our payment records are up-to-date. This help ensure we don’t take any unnecessary enforcement action against the payor.

If the recipient continues to accept direct payments without reporting the payments, the recipient could be withdrawn from FMEP.

See Direct Payment Fact Sheet (PDF, 244 KB)

Lost FMEP Cheque

If you’ve been sent a FMEP cheque and didn’t receive it or lost it, you will need to complete a Lost Cheque Declaration Form (PDF, 97 KB) before we can issue a replacement cheque. Once the form is complete:

Behind in maintenance payments?

Contact us to work out a Voluntary Payment Arrangement. Find out more

Enforcement Actions

FMEP can take various actions if payments are not made.

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