Enforcing Orders Outside BC

If the payor lives outside BC we can enrol the maintenance order or agreement in an equivalent program where the payor lives. Enrolment in another maintenance enforcement program can take two to four months. Once enrolled, that program is responsible for collecting the maintenance payments and taking enforcement action.

If enforcement is necessary, the other program will take action based on their laws and policies. We can’t tell them what action to take or when to take it.

It can take a number of months before any money is received and there are no guarantees maintenance will be collected. FMEP continuously works with the other maintenance enforcement program to do everything possible to collect the maintenance.

We continue to monitor the maintenance payments here and do what we can to help the other program get the information they need.

Other Maintenance Enforcement Programs

All Canadian provinces and territories, the United States and several other countries have programs similar to BC FMEP. Find a program in another jurisdiction

Enforcement in BC

We can also issue enforcement action if the payor has any assets or sources of income in BC.

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