Getting Started with the Program

When enrolment is complete, the recipient and payor receive Notices of Enrolment confirming the maintenance order or agreement is now enrolled in FMEP. The Notices:

  • set out the amount of maintenance to be paid according to the maintenance order or agreement, including any arrears
  • instruct the payor to send all future maintenance payments to FMEP
  • remind the recipient to let us know if any payments are received directly from the payor
  • provide the recipient and payor with the case number and their personal identification numbers (PIN)

There are booklets available for both the payor and recipient explaining all aspects of FMEP:

Communicating with FMEP

The FMEP website and InfoLine are the easiest ways to get case information and communicate with the program.

Action Website InfoLine
Find out the most recent payment received and how much is owing in missed payments
Find out the next payment due  
Get detailed payment information  
View or download a payment statement  
Request a payment statement be mailed  
Check on enforcement action in place
Report a direct payment (recipient only)
Send and receive secure messages to/from FMEP  
Add attachments to your secure messages  
Request a callback from FMEP
Change an address and/or phone numbers  
Sign up for direct deposit  

The recipient and payor can also provide information by calling or writing the FMEP client office handling their case.