Enrol & Get Started

Some people enrol with us because they aren’t getting their maintenance payments, while others enrol simply because it’s easier to have us collect and track their payments.

To enrol:

  1. Ensure you have a valid maintenance order or agreement filed in a BC court.
  2. Complete and mail in an enrolment application.
  3. Create a FMEP web account.

Who can enrol

Boy and his mother sitting on the floor of the living room

Anyone with a maintenance order or agreement filed in a BC court can enrol in FMEP at no cost. Either the recipient or payor can enrol.

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Withdrawing from the Program

The recipient can withdraw at any time unless he or she is on income assistance.

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Just received a Notice of Filing?

Find out how to get started with the Program and the best ways to get information about your case.