What We Can Do

FMEP can:

  • collect the amount owing under a maintenance order or agreement, including any arrears and special or extraordinary expenses
  • track payments by having the payor send the maintenance to FMEP Payment Services
  • forward the maintenance to the recipient
  • take enforcement action if payments are not made

Where the maintenance is not paid, we can:

  • intercept federal sources of income such as income tax or EI
  • attach wages, bank accounts or other sources of income
  • cancel a current driver’s licence or prevent a new licence being issued
  • prevent a motor vehicle registration being issued or renewed
  • suspend a passport or federal licences such as pilot’s licence
  • report unpaid maintenance to a credit bureau
  • summons the payor to a default hearing in court
  • issue a lien against the payor’s personal property or land
  • request a search for the payor’s location, employment and assets through federal and provincial databases

In addition, we also charge interest and default fees on late or missed payments.

FMEP cannot:

  • obtain or change a maintenance order or agreement
  • enforce a maintenance order or agreement without a set amount, it must have a specific amount due for child and/or spousal support
  • help parents with parenting time (custody) or contact (access) issues

Looking for information in another language?

We have multilingual fact sheets available with information about the Program.

Keeping Us Informed

Both recipients and payors need to keep their information up to date.

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