British Columbia Family Maintenance Enforcement Program
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How to Enrol

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Anyone with a maintenance order or agreement who lives in BC can enrol in the FMEP. There is no cost for our services and either the payor or recipient can enrol.

If you don't live in BC, contact the maintenance enforcement program where you live.

If you receive income assistance from the Ministry of Social Development, contact your Family Maintenance Worker.

Recipient Enrolment Package

If you are the recipient, you can download and print an enrolment package, or request that we mail one to you:

Payor Enrolment Package

If you are the payor and want to enrol, you can download and print an enrolment package, or request that we mail one to you:

Where else to get the Enrolment Package

You can also get the enrolment package from the courthouse, a Service BC Centres or the Ministry of Social Development office.

Where to mail the Enrolment Package

Send your completed enrolment package and a filed copy of your maintenance order or agreement to:

Enrolment Office
Box 5100
Victoria, BC V8R 6N3

It can take several weeks to enrol a case because we may need to contact the court for your maintenance order or agreement.

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